Aaron Hexom


Beauty in the Absence Thereof
by Aaron Hexom  

Aaron Hexom

Artist Statement:

My new body of work, "Beauty in the Lack Thereof," is an attempt to emulate the experience one undergoes while surrounded by the vast open landscape of the Great Plains. In particular, my aim is to create that sensation which, seems to me, can never clearly be defined with vocabulary. The view serves to cause a particular extraordinary type of perception that manages to flood the mind of any coherent thought. It seems to be an epiphany or revelation of something that had eluded conscious thought while remaining in clear view. It is the brow lifting 'Aha!' followed by the jaw dropping Awe.

Explanation for this phenomenon is ultimately subjective, but when left to my own accord I would say it is the realization of perspective one notices they have to the world. Since the space viewed is so vast, it brings to light a planet oblivious to human thought and influence. It is a reminder of how small we are.

With a very minimalist approach and an exaggeration of the open view in the Great Plains, I wish to transfer my experience through my art. I hope to record this experience and then transfer it from mind to art back to mind again.