Andrea Rich


Cedar Wax Wings Woodcut, 14x14
  Saddlebacks                   Woodcut, 12x16


I am a printmaker working in the woodcut media. I initially became interested in woodcuts as a student in college when I was first introduced to the Japanese Ukiyo-e Prints. Their elegant compositions and intricate surface textures inspired me to explore the medium's many possibilities. Woodcuts can be bold or subtle, crude or refined. The process of cutting the blocks has never ceased to delight me. Like a sculptor, I cut away what is unnecessary and am left with an image, clear and strong like the animals I portray.

My key blocks are cut on cherry wood, and I use pine, plywood or other woods for my color blocks. Life in all its diverse forms holds great interest for me. Depending on the print, I may cut 6 or more blocks for one final image. I print my editions of fifty or less on oriental papers.

Initially my prints focused closely on individual birds and animals. I strove to show them as true individuals. With the passing of time, I find myself needing to put these individuals into context, i.e. into their natural habitats. It is only in the wilds that they are truly able to be themselves. A tiger viewed in a zoo is a magnificent creature, but seen stalking its prey or leaping into a river, using its balance, its senses, blending into its environment, this is when a tiger expresses itself.

Unfortunately for us all, opportunities to observe life in the wild are becoming rare. As habitat is destroyed at an ever-increasing rate year after year, it may one day be more than rare... it may be impossible. I sincerely hope that never happens, and I am committed to doing what I can to prevent it.