Audrey Hollingworth


Entwining Cactus 
 Photograph, 16x20


Photography has interested me since childhood; however, I did not take it seriously until I took several black and white courses in college. Photography is a means of expression that allows me a vast range of creativity. I have taken many photographic workshops and classes which have been helpful in expanding my knowledge of photography, opening the door to new ideas. The classes supply only the basics, which is why I much prefer to "experiment" with different photographic techniques I have learned, to create what is in my minds eye.

The photographs I create are a piece of my life, of what I see in reality and what is in my mind's eye. The photographs are what I would like everyone to see, for the world is beautiful, one only needs take the time to look around their world. My reflection pictures show a world, which many people see, but don't understand, because they don't take the time to fully comprehend the scene. Viewers are amazed to learn that the picture is a reflection of a puddle, a stream, or a pond.

I would like to think my photographs encourage those who see them to take a closer look at the world they live in, for such things as the puddles, the garbage, the speck of sand on the beach, to the clouds, there is beauty. One only needs to take the time to see it.