Benny Alba

Pink Blue Basin  Oil, 18x30


Normally I paint with oils on canvas or on paper. My art is powerful, symbolic and deceptively simple. Saturated colors, Dutch, aluminum and gold leaf in large fields are in combination with references to various art media, such as enameling, encaustic painting, etc. Sizes range from 8 feet to less than 14 inches on a side. I create art, aiming to communicate with viewers of the future, as well as viewers of today. The combination of colors, metallics and messages are contemporary American.

My symbolic imagery refers to various old and new cultures, species and races. My purpose is to unify and strengthen the varieties of living creatures we know. For example, the striped female being from ancient Greece (Mycenea, 1500 B.C.) and the Kachinas (and other Native American beings) represent cultures known to respect the rich diversity of all living creatures. Knowledge of these is not a prerequisite to enjoy my work, but can enrich the viewer's experience. My work speaks to both genders, seeking to link rather than separate us. Current projects are a 5 x 4 foot figurative painting series, four freestanding pillars that are nearly 5 feet tall and a half dozen small canvases.