Benny Alba






"Weather Forecast: American Storms"

Artist Statement

"I see greatness in storms."

"Art is a form of story telling. It is sharing a viewpoint so that others can experience a similar situation. Art can be a touchpoint for thoughts and emotions through form, color, topic and style. One of my missions in life is to bring unusual topics to others in the hopes of bringing joy and sense of life; deepening our characer as we observe our universe.

Storms with their saturated colors, sounds and wind continue to fascinate me -- starting in childhood, continuing onwards to become my favorite entertainment. Other artists, such as O'Keefe and Burchfield, Harley and others, influenced my earliest thoughts with their portrayals of the natural world, including weather. It is a challenge to interest people in the topic! American painter Charles Burchfield said 'The great difficulty of my whole carer as a painter, is that what I love most (i.e. weather, change of seasons) not only holds little of interest for most people, but in many of its phases, is downright disagreeable, and not even to be mentioned!' My question is, does everyone start this way or are we taught to dislike and, at times, even fear weather? Can we get past these feelings and see it for its beauty? I want to continue the good fight for the natual beauties of our planet. It is a worthy cause.

If, in seeing the American Storm series, others discover increased value in weather's great beauty, I will consider my work a success."

~ Benny Alba