Bismarck State College Galleries

Bismarck State College Galleries
1500 Edwards Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58501

Andrea Fagerstrom, Director
Cell: 701.391.9840
Email: andrea.fagerstrom@bsc.nodak.edu

Bismarck State College Gannon and Elsa Forde Art Galleries.

The Clell and Ruth Gannon Gallery located in the BSC Library was dedicated in 1981. The late Clell Gannon was a local artist; and the late Ruth Gannon was a BSC Instructor. Both were active in promoting the arts in the Bismarck area.
Exhibits change approximately every five to six weeks and feature local, regional and national artists. The focus of the exhibits is to provide the student body, campus and community with artwork that is diverse in medium, genre, content, philosophy and artistic perspective. The gallery space has 145' running feet and the ceilings are 10' tall.

The Else Forde Gallery was named after a local arts enthusiast and promoter. This gallery is located in Schafer Hall and is a small glass-enclosed space used to display student artwork on a rotating basis, works by local artists and small three dimensional work of local, regional and national artists. These exhibits rotate approximately every four to five weeks. The gallery space has 17.8' running feet, a four foot high wall as well as cubes, and a two foot wide ledge to place three dimensional work.

Hours: M-Th. 7am-9pm
Friday: 7 am-4 pm
Sunday: 6-9 pm