Chuck Kimmerle


The Unapologetic Landscape

"The focus of my main body of work involves the photographic exploration of the icons that help define the landscape and, by definition, the inhabitants of the agriculturally-impacted northern plains of western Minnesota and eastern North Dakota. This reticent landscape, devoid of the natural grandiosity preferred by the mass of destination seekers, is more often travelled through than intentionally visited. At first glance it looks dull, mundane. Those were my very thoughts upon arriving more than a decade ago. However, during my time here, I have gained an intense appreciation of, and affection for, the unique environmental elements -- field, shelter belts, crop rows, flat horizons, farmsteads, sky, gravel roadways, and silence -- that give this landscape its unique identity.  

In keeping with the organized aesthetic of the land, my photography is intentionally straightforward and often formal. As form and texture, above color, are the defining characteristics, I am working exclusively in black and white. There are no travel guides, no maps, to guide me towards the subjects of my study, so I must find them on my own. That necessitates many hours and many miles, exploring back roads minimally, or not at all, maintained. That time is not wasted, however, as it allows me the opportunity to get in tune with the pastoral simplicity of the land, to leave behind the rigors of daily life; a requisite necessary to truly see what lies before me." ~ Chuck Kimmerle