Cindi Finley Mintie

Mixed Media

Copy Of A Gem Birds In Wonder
The Journey  

Remembrance of Things Past
Cindi Finley Mintie attended Minot State University and obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography. Concentrating in portraiture and digital prints, her interest lies in preserving images of the past by way of computer digitizing and compiling them for aesthetic beauty. 

"I envision my art preserving the past. Most images that I use have come from my family's stored memorabilia that dates as far back as the 1850s. I have always had a spirited interest for the days of old, so to speak. The discovery of mysterious letters from Norway written in the 18890s-1900s inspired me to look further into the past. As I learned, these mysterious letters were love letters between my Great-Great Grandfather and Great-Great Grandmother from Norway to the U.S.A. This started a never-ending journey of new beginnings for them and all of us to come.

Every print is unique and tells a different story. I have often felt that my art prints are like the people that are connected to this memorabilia: mysterious, colorful, layered with memories, and never aging in spirit." ~ Cindi Finley Mintie

Cindi grew up in Rugby, North Dakota, and now resides in Minot with her family.