Diana Boulay

Discarded Objects

Serendipity Plus      Plastic, 12 5x8 4x4


Everything that attracts the eye affects the senses in some way, depending on its appearance, color, shape or use. To look at an object from all of it's angles is to study form.

I surround myself with discards to make a statement. To place a ball next to a bottle does not have the same connotation as placing the ball on the neck of the bottle.

While conserving the original colors of these discards, and in maintaining monochrome compositions, I discover that each color suggest a world of it's own.

Through the discovery of the objects, the choice of colors, the manipulations of these objects, my sculptures symbolically illustrate such themes as ecology, psychology, sociology, even history.

In all, a pedagogical objective: to make the general public aware of the magic in the forms and colors of discarded objects that are a part of our lives.