Donna Watts



Artist Statement

"The works of the Old Masters have always been a source of inspiration in my study and technique, and I have recently returned to using the old methods and materials of oil paint and canvas preparation. With this series of work I am using the old methods and traditional Old Masters still life subjects but in a modern interpretation of style." ~ DW


Donna is an instructor in method and theory for artists at her studio, Art Relief, in Burlington, ND. Artists of various media join her to learn light and color theory, as well as other realism techniques that can be adapted to their own styles and methods.

Her first pubic exhibition in 1964 in New Jersey included drawings and gouache of local subjects, coastal fare, lighthouses and the granite hills of the Delaware River water gap where she was born. In 1968 she moved to the Midwest to study at Valparaiso. Having spent nearly half a century in the Midwest of America, the landscapes and wildlife have been her inspiration. After relocating to North Dakota from Chicago in 1986, she turned her attention to the wildlife of the Great Plains. She has been exhibiting and instructing since establishing her art studio in Burlington. Her work is on display throughout the Midwest. She also teaches workshops in Iowa, the Chicago area, and North Dakota.