Elizabeth Austin

Mixed Media Painting on Acrylic 

Joy Hydrangea

"Elizabeth Austin is a realist painter but the world she paints is magical. In 'Hydrangea' two sprays of the rather humble blossom block the way into the depths of night. But silhouetted against the sky, they also turn into a flock of droves escaping or enticing the viewer to follow.

In another painting a branch of crabapples is painted candy-apple bright and forms a portal into a forest tinted with the shades of night, and that, in turn, opens out into an endless universe of the deepest midnight hues. The stars in Austin's vision twinkle everywhere and lead the eye through this wood and into the infinite night. She focuses the gaze up at the sky rather than toward the horizon. The work is titled simply 'Crabapples" because anything else would be too descriptive; this is a dream world.

These two works are part of the Nocturnes series that Austin has been working on since 2000. Musically a nocturne is a dreamy composition, apt because of the lyrical quality of her scenes. And it's a word she shares easily with Whistler who also used the night to cover his true concerns with color, shape, light." ~ Karen S. Chambers

But Austin's Nocturnes are not merely about composition or choice of subject matter. "The Nocturnes are about a place that was once my home. I was nurtured and became who I am there," Austin shares. "It was safe and comfortable and I was able to think, work, love, and be loved. It was a place where you were not afraid of the dark."