George-Ann Bowers

Pacific Slope

Far Side          
Weaving / Mixed Fiber, 34x30
Mob Ecstasy     
Weaving / Mixed Fiber / Acrylics, 38x38


In my weavings, I enlarge small landscapes or "microterrains," which I find in close-up exploration of tree bark, rock or plant formations. Patterns of light and shadow, color and texture are my focus and inspiration. I am not looking for recognizable images, but am interested in the structures and movement revealed in the intimate details of a larger form, and enjoy the resulting ambiguity present in the completed work. I use multilayer pickup weaving as my basic structure and incorporate tapestry techniques, inlay, variable warp tensioning and warp painting, with a range of fiber materials.

In some pieces I combine weaving with painting on canvas to explore the visual and tactile contrasts between the colors and texture of woven fiber and those of paint on a smoother (though still textile) background. Using weaving as the central focus of a piece and acrylic paint on the canvas as the extension of the composition, my intent is for both the pattern of the piece and the eye of the viewer to move back and forth between flat, painted space and the more dimensional woven surface.