Greg Walter


Missouri Valley Gold

"I was born in La Crosse, WI, and grew up in the surrounding Mississippi River Valley in both WI and MN. I have always been attracted to outdoor activities, and spent rainy days drawing and crafting on the dining room table. I entered college with the intention of becoming an engineer, but quickly learned that calculus and chemistry were nowhere near as enjoyable as drawing and painting. Much to my father's chagrin, I changed my major to art, and earned my BFA in 1991 from the University of MN, Mankato. Due to starting a family and needing to work a 'real job', it took me until 1998 to complete my MFA from the University of NE at Lincoln. I have been teaching studio art and art history since 1998. My first teaching opportunity was in Albany/Corvallis OR; I have also taught in MI, NE, IA, and ND. I have been at DSU since 2013.

 The landscape I paint reflects the places I have lived and visited. I prefer to paint "Plein Air", which means "in the open air", directly in the landscape, for the best lighting and atmosphere.

This series of paintings was done within the landscape of the Missouri River watershed, in representing areas of NE, IA, SD, and ND. I hope to continue this series into the "bookends" of the River Valley, and include MT and MO." ` GW