Helen Carkin


Batik, 23.5 in x19.5 in

No hidden messages. My aim is to produce a piece of art in good design and color by this method of batik with a subject that pleases the viewer each time he sees it. Great art should be more than a one shot offering.

The ancient Japanese method of making batik is done by successive waxing and dyeing of the material (silk), on which the pattern or picture is produced. At no time is the color applied in a method other than the complete immersion of the piece in the cold dye bath. Thus, the resultant colors are always analogous to one another. The hot wax is applied with a specially designed 'jaunting tool' to achieve as fine a design as possible. This specific method is very time consuming and sometimes tedious, taking in some cases months to complete one piece. The resultant batik can never be duplicated. You will have a Carkin original!