Lydia Richez-Bowman


Artist Statement

The "process" is very important to me, as are the materials I use. Design elements, many layers of transparent colors, metal components and different types of paper, create paintings rich in texture, color and depth. As an abstract artist, nature is a great inspiration and is often reflected somewhere within my paintings but inspiration comes from many sources. I create; from an intuitive level this allows my creativity to be spontaneous although there is always an emphasis on design and depth. Often the painting will evolve and change over time as I work. The process is similar for my textile pieces although the results are different.

   ~ Lydia Richez-Bowman

About the Artist:

Lydia Richez-Bowman was born in Nice, France and came to America as a young girl; her French heritage is a strong influence to her creativity. She moved to Bismarck from San Diego, California, with her family, and her art is still influenced by the light, energy and culture of southern California, as well as the North Dakota seasons. 

Lydia Richez-Bowman has an Associates in Art, Associates in Science, as well as numerous credits in multi-art forms. She started her education in the arts with a focus on becoming an Interior Designer. However, fine arts became her passion.

Ms. Richez-Bowman has developed and evolved her own unique style with a strong emphasis on design and design elements. She is an abstract artist able to create a powerful vision as well as personal spiritual experiences in her multi-level works and strong use of color. The inclusion of metal and metallic materials is a direct reference to her past as a jewelry designer and manufacturer of original works in silver, copper and cloisonne enameling. 

Ms. Richez-Bowman is an award-winning artist with many of her paintings accepted into innumerable juried and individual exhibitions, as well as various independent showings. Assortments of her paintings are in private collections here and abroad.

With her move to Bismarck, she found a new voice both artistically and as an "art activist.' She has taught art classes to children and adults, both privately and in groups. Ms. Richez-Bowman is also on the board of the Dakota West Arts Council in Bismarck, a member of Bismarck Art & Galleries, and Bismarck Downtown Artist Co-op.