Lynn Newman

Motorcycle Dreams

$30 Stare                    Pastel Joy Ride                                 Pastel, 30x44


I believe that art is all around us. Too often we dismiss the "everyday" as being too obvious while laughing at the "unique" for being out of the ordinary. As an artist and teacher I believe that part of my job is to provide opportunities for my students as well as my own children to say "It's OK to be different; it's OK to draw outside the lines; it's OK to take a risk and fail; it's OK to learn from our mistakes."

In making art I want to make the point that art is a visual intelligence. Most people can't make a living by producing artworks, but conversely it enriches the lives of those who take the effort to "look around"; to watch children playing, cattle grazing or to let our imaginations grow in the glow of a summer campfire.

It's my belief that we learn as we go in this life. As an artist I know that as soon as I stop questioning what I see around me the quality of my work will suffer. The larger concepts that I hope my work invites are that when we stop learning, we stop growing; when we stop observing, we stop seeing; and when we presume to have all the answers, it's a pretty sure bet that we're not asking very difficult questions. It's my hope that my work will leave the viewer with a sense of experimentation to wonder what they see in the world around them.

"He's doing an intensely well thought-out color composition that happens to have barns and cows in it. He is a pure painter who is really focused in on all the elements: shape, line, texture, and color." -Dave Johnson, Dakota Galleries, Sioux Falls

"His style is unique, probably because he sees himself in the images he creates." -Bernie Hunhoff, South Dakota Magazine

"Mr. Newman, don't ever go "trendy" on us." -Don Hall, American News