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Monte Yellow Bird Sr. or better known in the Art world as Black Pinto Horse, best expresses himself through the use of a collection of vibrant colors, gradient hues, and shapes and symbols of his tradition. His work reflects his First Nation culture and the applied color imitates the bright, bold application of Expressionism and the 20th century "Fauvism Movement." The overal compositions of both loose and hard-edged images are designted to creat a deep manifestation of culture, faith, and love. His key phrase,"We are on this earth for such a short time, if you're going to shine, shine brightly," best describes the work of Black Pinto Horse (Monte Yellow Bird).

Monte Yellow Bird Sr. is an Arikara/Hidasta astist who grew up in the town of White Shield, North Dakota. His love of color, the faith he learned from his mother and images from his American Indian/First Nation heritage are all influences helping to create his artwork. Drawing and painting came naturally to him. At a very young age, as soon as he was able to hold a pencil, Monte was drawing. His early influences included his sister Nelrene, brothers Charles and Michael, and the nurses at the Garrison Memorial Hospital. Monte's choice to attend the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM came from the influence of a math teacher in upward bound program at UND. Black Pinto Horse's educational influences include Walter Piehl Jr., Linda Olson, Bill Harbort, Wayne Tollefson, Dr, Kathy Cummings and the Institute of American Indian Arts experience.

Black Pinto Horse attended NDSU and majored in History Education with Art as a minor, and graduated in 2002 from Minot State University with a BA in Fine Arts. His focus on collaborating "First Nation" Images with 20th century "Expressionism" has given him a better understanding of himself and has been the key to establishing his own style of works. His work is a reflection of pride for the First Nation People and a respect for life.

Oil painting is his first love and much of his recent work is created using this medium. He also creates works in acrylics, watercolor, printmaking, and ceramics mediums. Sculpting is the most comfortable for him. It allows him to work with Mother Earth, the essence of life. When a person works with the earth, the importance of life and all its creatures reveal itself. Its life Creator has made possible and blesses each day in unique ways. Mother Earth allows us to walk on and with her, making our paths possible and keeping our footsteps safe.