Nancy Gaede

Photo Emulsion Transfers

Untitled, Emulsion Transfer, 14x11 Gate, Emulsion Transfer, 11x14

My introduction to fine-art photography was in 1988 when I enrolled in my first photography class. I was immediately drawn to the prospect that there was more than a snapshot in my future.

My view of the photographic medium is one of spontaneity not of design. I photograph everything which interested me rather than thinking about creating a particular style. The images that I enjoy making the most are those that rely on emotional response and perception. I enjoy isolating the details of the scene, often to the point of abstraction. I want my images to engage the viewer's imagination rather than seek to identify or to explain.

I am in awe of the physical power of natures wonderment and seek an ongoing exploration of the world around me. Since I am grounded in the visual world, I particularly like working with the emulsion transfers. The folds and wrinkles can not only outline a subject, but generate a sense of movement. The process seems to lend itself to one-of-a-kind individuality, which is my goal.