Offerings from the Heart

Where do we come from?   Oil / Mixed Media, 36x48

Jaune Quick-To-See Smith, an enrolled member of the Flathead nation in Western Montana and an activist, curator and advocate for Contemporary American Indian Artist, exhibits her work in conjunction with "Offerings From the Heart," and exhibit that she has curated and is of up-and-coming Native American artists.

Smith is one of the most creative and prolific of the artists whose work in the late 70's and early 80's helped to explore pre-Santa Fe School Native American aesthetic traditions in a modern art context. Her work continues to teach viewers to appreciate the ways in which abstract and symbolic motifs in the artwork of native peoples can reverberate and give spiritual depth to contemporary paintings and drawings. Smith currently resides in the hills of New Mexico with her family and remains active in promoting her ideas and thoughts on life through her work.

There are seven of her works along with several other Contemporary American Indian Artists.