Pam Rettig




Artist Statement


Just two weeks after my return to Bismarck the World Bank contacted me and asked if I would consider returning to Nigeria to do a second in-service. They had been trying to get into that area without success and felt that I had established rapport and they wanted to continue with the work Obi and I had started. They believed that one more in-service would help the Nigerians to create sustainable gains without needing further outside intervention. Bismarck Public Schools agreed to allow my return even though it was during the first month of the new school year. The Nigerian in-services were extremely successful and the project continues on today. 


Unesco became aware of the Nigerian in-services and sought me out as a teacher trainer for their in-services in Tanzania in 2006 and 2008. It was definitely different working without Obi as my local guide and translator, but I had an extremely positive experience doing some work for the US Department of Education in Armenia in 2005, and that gave me the confidence to accept the Tanzania assignments. Tanzania’s literacy projects also continue to flourish. I have such gratitude to all those who helped me be a part of these endeavors.” 


~ Pam Rettig 

 This Exhibition was sponsored by Bismarck Art & Galleries Association.