Ray Burggraf


Beaks and Claws     Acrylic on Wood, 52inx70in

Most of these hand-painted acrylic paintings are my usual music like linear series of shaped wood panels on aluminum supports. This format seems to be the best way to join pure, yet equivocal, colors and whimsical shapes derived partly from landscape is a constantly changing experience with the viewer's point of view shifting at regular intervals in time of day, weather, and terrain. Within the color gradations is hopefully an illusion of space with light coming from afar, which makes the viewer feel that they are in the presence of beauty and serenity.

These works are located stylistically in the realm of abstraction and color theory. They depend on the perceptual excitement and tensions of carefully modulated colors, soft and sharp edges, and bulging and dissolving shapes, to create a compelling, yet contradictory, sense of multiple times and spaces. Their influences go back to Josef Albers and the German Bauhaus through the Op Art movement documented by the Responsive Eye show at MOMA in the sixties. Another important influence for them is Florida 'low' art,especially beach, culture airbrush, although I have never used airbrush and explore the interaction of pure colors in a fairly formal way.