Robert Schwieger

Artist Statement

The screen monoprints and screen printed monoprint constructions which form The Dakota Series evolved through a notion of realization through recycling and re-experience.

Changing one's base of operation to Joplin, MO after experiencing the Northern Plains for 23 years was both challenging and rewarding. The base for prints and constructed prints was Kodalith halftones from a North Dakota printer. The imagery was "formed" through the use of these halftones, hand-drawn positives and Thermo-Fax positives in conjunction with direct and indirect photographic screen film and emulsions. The photo related processes were combined with traditional techniques and the photo element was frequently manipulated to produce the desired outcome.

The personal imagery of the constructed prints reflects fragments of previously screen elements within a newly constructed environment. The catalyst is a philosophical sensitivity and concern addressing issues of political bias, discrimination, deception, body language, heroes, novelty, fraud, disinformation and living organisms and their precarious life on the edge and under the assault of pollution, experimentation and other dreads of humankind and technology. These elements are simply presented within an outright sensuousness of pattern and decoration...perhaps an attempt to confront the anxiety surrounding the human condition.   ~ Robert Schweiger



Art Selections

And the Band Played On Connections

Flight Plan Gone Fishing