Ruth Terrill


The Last Goodbye, Collage, 8x8


I work with collage because this technique, by its very nature, forces me to follow a process that parallels the mind's way of forming dreams. By reorganizing the elements of our everyday life in unexpected and sometimes visually startling ways, dreams can hint at multiple meanings and lift us out of our ordinary view of things. In a similar way, I modify and rearrange already existing images found in daily life in order to explore the possibilities for breaking free from our conventional view of the world and seeing things from a more universal perspective.

Although, at one level, my collages can be viewed as symbolic visual commentaries on existential and social themes, it is important to me that they not be seen as the expression of a single idea or "message" that needs to be deciphered by the mind. I consider my work to be experiential art rather than conceptual art. By equally emphasizing content, symbolic use of color, and composition, I am able to engage the viewer on several levels at once. Because of this, my collages have an intense immediacy which invites a response that is global, emotional, and intuitive, rather than merely intellectual.