Sharon Linnehan


Dutch     Monotype, 24x18

My nonobjective monoprints emphasize rhythm and explore the effects of transparency in space. Translucent layers of color punctuated by subtle or contrasting accents rest upon open or small areas of the paper's whiteness. Colored stains suggest emerging form. Small, thin lines intermittently autograph the surface. These mixed media images begin with a single, quick gesture in paint placed upon the printing surface. This spontaneous shape is then thoughtfully considered, intuitively balanced, and counterbalanced by the addition, subtraction and manipulation of color. The print reveals itself at the moment the paper is pulled from the press. This is the moment of either success or disappointment, when chromatic coherence is revealed. Textural contrasts and subtle layering of forms are incorporated into the composition in order to build intricacy. My hope in doing this is to offer the viewer a choice of various visual paths to travel within the image. Soft color shifts and small accents are used to pull the viewer in for a closer look. The work is meant to be viewed at an intimate distance and savored as quietly beautiful.

Above all, the work must breathe to have vitality. Smooth, atmospheric cloaks of color couple with immediate marks to remind us that to be alive is to be vulnerable and imperfect. Rhythm is regular, but its accidental broken beat let us know of its life and lyricism.