Taube Museum of Art

Minot Art Association
Lillian and Coleman Taube Museum of Art
2 North Main Street
Minot, ND 58702

Nancy F. Walter, Director
Doug Pfliger, Manager
Office: (701) 838-4445
Email: taube@srt.com

The Lillian & Coleman Taube Museum of Art, formerly known as the Minot Art Gallery, is a public nonprofit membership-driven organization. The Minot Art Association, which was the founding organization, opened the Minot Art Gallery in 1970 by a group of patrons with the intent of creating an art gallery. In 2006 the Minot Art Association formally changed their name to the Lillian and Coleman Taube Museum of Art. The Minot Art Gallery was initially located in the Linha home on Hwy 83 North. It then moved to the Ward County Historical Society building located on the North Dakota State Fairgrounds east of Minot. In 1978 the Minot Art Gallery was relocated to another Ward County Historical Society building, the J.E. Harmon House, also located on the North Dakota State Fairgrounds. In 1997 the organization achieved their goal of securing a permanent location and the Minot Art Gallery moved to the historically renovated Union National Bank building located at 2 North Main.

The Taube Museum of Art encourages affiliation with various community arts groups, such as the Minot Area Council of the Arts, the North Dakota Art Gallery Association, and the Mouse River Players, to strengthen the arts in our region. We provide opportunities for the community to learn about all forms of the visual arts through our varied exhibits.

The Taube Museum of Art is open to the public 12 months of the year, five days a week. The Taube Museum of Art offers children and adult art classes and encourages school and organizational tours.

Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 10:30 am-5:30 pm
Saturday 11:00 am-4:00 pm
Or by special appointment